Attorneys for Car Accidents at los angeles Intersections & Stoplights

Car accidents are always a traumatic event even if they don’t include fatalities or even serious injuries. When in a car, a driver and passenger need to experience a sense of safety. Car accidents may be a big part of why some people have an intense phobia of driving. While there are all types of car accidents we could discuss, today the topic at hand are accidents that occur at intersections and stoplights. In fact, 40% of car accidents occur at intersections/stoplights. Why? Well, as any driver will tell you, this is a busy place.

Even the most veteran driver can quickly forget the rules of the road and become confused in a congested area where many people have different goals in mind. One wants to turn into the intersection. The other is passing through it. There are both lights and stop signs. It makes good sense that a busy intersection would be a place where there are a lot of traffic accidents. While not all of the accidents result in fatalities, some of them do, and it’s the most severe ones that usually come to our attention. That’s because an intersection or stoplight is a perfect place for negligence to strike.

Every driver on the road, no matter how young or old, has a duty to abide by the laws of the road. They are supposed to drive defensively and within the boundaries set forth by road rules. While the rules at intersections and stoplights are too numerous to discuss here, we can sum up everything by saying that negligence occurs when a driver fails to follow the rules put in place to govern driver behavior at intersections and stoplights. This means that someone who runs a red light is obviously going to be negligent in doing so and if he or she hits another car and causes injury or injuries to the person or people in that car, our law offices can handle this case and win it for the victim or victims.

We take every violation of negligent drivers seriously. We don’t just look at the behavior of the negligent driver but also at the destruction that they cause on the road. Many people are just trying to get back and forth to work or are going somewhere to have a short outing with friends. They don’t deserve to be the victim of a negligent driver like one who would even disobey a red light. This type of behavior happens for a lot of reasons. Sometimes the driver is drunk. Other times the driver is in a hurry to get somewhere and simply fais to see the red light (this doesn’t mean they’re not negligent though). Distracted driving has become another big reason for intersection and stoplight violations. People playing on their phones or taking pictures sometimes don’t even look at the road at all and cause violent harm to other drivers.

Our law offices have dealt with these cases for decades and we have an amazing record at getting justice for victims of driver negligence in such instances. Just because intersection and stoplight violations are common doesn’t mean that they’re okay. If you or someone you love is injured in one of these accidents, it’s time to call on our law offices and see what we can do for you. Our consultation is free, so you never have to worry about bringing any money to give us when you first talk to us. If we think we can win your case for you, we’ll work for you non-stop until we win. Only then will we accept any payment for our services. That’s our promise to our clients.

Compensation is the only way we know of to get justice for your injuries. We always ask for the maximum amount allowed by law because we believe that negligence didn’t spare any expense in traumatizing you during your accident. It doesn’t need to spare any expense into paying you for that accident either. Our lawyers are professional, compassionate, and most of all, experience in intersection and stoplight cases. When we take on your case, it means that you’re going to win and you’re going to walk away with maximum compensation. Call us today.