New York / NYC Liquor License Violations Lawyers

There is one very good reason that restaurants should apply for liquor licenses IF they aren’t a 100% family friendly business, and that reason is money. The revenue that streams from liquor sales is as powerful as some of the whisky that bartenders pass across the table at your favorite establishments. A lot is at stake when you apply for a liquor license. As the article there points out, there are some businesses who make the majority of their annual sales from alcohol. It can mean big business, even to small businesses.

The legal requirements for obtaining a liquor license can sometimes be intimidating to business owners. And it’s true. There ARE a lot of rules to follow and a host of violations. With a good lawyer on your side to help you decipher the laws, though, you’re in good hands and stand to grow your business many more times than where it’s at right now.

Understanding Liquor Violations

If you want to sell alcoholic beverages, you must obtain a liquor license. This license is issued to businesses that apply and follow all of the laws that the license sets forth. Many types of businesses can gain something from a liquor license, including restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores, to name just a few business types. If someone violates a liquor license’s stipulations, they may have their license revoked. Just like when you have a driver’s license revoked, you lose your privileges. Since it can be costly to hire someone to fill out your papers and obtain your license for you, it’s also important that you maintain the terms of your license after you obtain it.

How Violations Affect You

When you get that license, your business is going to have an opportunity to grow quickly, but none of it will matter if you don’t follow the rules of alcohol sales. At the heart of the matter is a large list of “don’t” rules that prevent you from doing certain things if you sale alcoholic beverages. Let’s go over those.

If you have a liquor license, DON’T…

1. Sell alcoholic drinks to someone who is already intoxicated
2. Sell alcohol past your hours of operation
3. Violate the terms of your license
4. Skip filing your annual reports and keeping good, accurate records
5. Sell alcohol to minors
6. Violate advertising violations
7. Transfer your license in a way that’s in violation of the agreement

If You Violate Your License

If you violate any of those conditions or others that might be present, you could have your license suspended or revoked. That would mean all of the legal red tape you went to in order to obtain the license was for nothing, and no good business owner wants to lose the opportunity to profit over something like this. If you’ve been accused of a violation, be smart! Only a good lawyer can help you fend off license suspension or revocation.

Don’t just hire any lawyer either. Make sure that they have extensive knowledge in both how to obtain a liquor license and how to protect the ongoing use of a license in the face of a violation. There are many defenses for violations and if you have a lawyer who is aware of them, you’re going to stand a much better chance of retaining possession of your liquor license.

Thanks to the power of alcohol in businesses, there’s always a lawyer standing by ready to defend your business against allegations. This is a common problem among liquor license business operators. You’re going to face more scrutiny from inspectors and the law in general because you’re selling liquor. That’s the price you might have to pay for selling a product so lucrative, but it’s well worth the trouble to keep a good liquor license lawyer on standby in case you need to protect your business from unfair accusations.

Even if you are in violation of the law, a good lawyer might be able to help you keep possession of your license. Most of the time, violations are going to be seen as very serious. So don’t think you can go up against accusations yourself. The benefits of having a lawyer on your side include:

– Knowing that you can continue to operate your business stress free, without having to worry about the violations charges
– Knowing you have someone on your side who knows how the system works and how to cope with violations if they inadvertently occur
– Knowing your customers are going to still have the benefit of buying alcohol under your business’s roof while the investigation is ongoing

There’s a lot of good reasons for calling a lawyer if you’re accused of a liquor violation. Don’t wait. Call a lawyer.