New York and NYC Liquor Licensing and Permitting Lawyers

For restaurants, bars and any other business in the hospitality area of the industry, liquor licenses are often the most crucial part of those businesses. This is why here at our law firm, we will continuously work to maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to service all of our clients who have alcohol licensing needs. Our lawyers work hard on behalf of our important clients to ensure the process of getting your liquor license will be fast and as efficient as is possible.

It does not matter what type of business you are running that involves the sale or consumption of alcohol. Whether it’s a bar, winery, brewery, restaurant, distillery or liquor store, each type of business will be required to follow local, state and federal liquor licensing requirements. We have the ability to help all of our clients navigate the difficult and complex process of obtaining a liquor license.

To make the process easier, we work closely with the liquor license regulators to make certain our clients stay compliant and informed throughout the process. It does not matter if the business involves wholesale, retail, manufacturing or all three, we will be able to walk you through the whole process. Not only can we help all types of businesses obtain their liquor licenses, our lawyers can help you maintain and keep it. We make certain our clients stay compliant with all liquor licensing laws that govern their specific operations. If one of our clients has the unfortunate event of violating their liquor license regulations, our lawyers will help to resolve any the issues causing the violation. We will help fix any suspensions and help you prevent any future violations.

The laws governing obtaining a liquor license for your business can be very intimidating to someone who’s never had to go through the process. Our lawyers fully understand the laws and regulations and can help you obtain your license with ease. Established local networks and local knowledge are essential when negotiating the transfer or acquisition of a liquor license for your business. We can work with you and guide you through the legalities of transfers of interest, subletting, closure, alterations to the size of your premises and getting your license renewed.

Assuming that you are able to get through this process on your own can be a huge risk. Why not obtain the help from a professional lawyer with regards to obtaining your liquor license? If not, you could be caught up in endless delays of acquiring your license. Safeguard your business’ investment of obtaining a liquor license by using our knowledge and local expertise to your benefit in order to make obtain your liquor license a more simple process. We understand that your top priority for your business with regards to a liquor license is profitability. Our main goal is to help you not get caught up in needless delays of acquiring your license for being compliant. Our experts can help handle your legal liquor licensing arrangements while you tend to your other business needs.